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D. L. Leonine
13 August 1973
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Hello....just some basic info on myself. I am a PC/network technician in my mid 30's. I am happily married currently with two children. I currently work in the IT for a major bank. Also welcome to those of you checking me out from add_me.

Yes, I am a furry. My fursona's information is listed below. My interest in the fandom stems mostly from the animation that I grew up with. I always had a fasination with animation and fantasy worlds (particularly anthromorphic characters). While my life doesn't revolve entirely around fursuiting I do enjoy it very much. That though, is were it ends for me. Unless you see my art, or I just come out and tell you, you'd be hard pressed to label me a furry if you met me in person.

I am a member of Church on the Rise Rocky Mount, NC.

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church and very quickly grew tired of the politics and hypocrisy prevalent in, not only that church, but the other ones I had seen growing up. Where I am now, I am constantly challenged to be involved and actually do instead of just be there on Sunday mornings as I was brought up. There are a few events that I'm able to use Leo in, but even if I can't, I still provide support and do what I can. I can also safely say that I've learned more here than I did growing up.

It won't take very long for you to realize that I am VERY politically minded. I described myself as an 'evangelical libertarian'. What does that mean? It means that, while I am very religious and have a strong moral code, I prefer NOT to use the police power of the government to force people to live the way I believe is right (unless they are infringing on another person's . On just about every issue presented, I will default to individual liberty. Our kind are a dying breed. People who prefer hard work, ingenuity and earned success to the security blanket and empty promises of the "Great Utopia" heard by today's politicians. I am one who would rather die free than live comfortably under totalitarian rule.


I am an accomplished chess player and currently teaching chess through my church. I played rated tournaments for 15 years. Some of my greatest memories involve my travels with the Point A Chess Club of Chapel Hill where, every Sunday, we'd all crowd into Rick's house and play a 5R G/40. At my peak, I held a Class A USCF rating (one level below Expert) and still maintain a Class B rating. My greatest accomplishment was earning a draw against GM Sergey Kudrin in a simultaneous exhibition in Asheville, NC (1996).

I am the creator and writer for the webcomic Leo (currently inactive). I am, just like my leonine alter ego, very social and friendly so feel free to add me to your friends list or even hit me on one of the messengers I'm on.

Just like in my comic, I work for (or should I say used to) Crappy Cable. I was there for 5 years now and really enjoyed my work. The comic was mostly autobiographical in nature so the people I write about are real (or based on) customers, co-workers, co-irkers, friends, family, bosses, ect. Even some of my more embarrassing moments were captured in the comic.

My fursona:
Name: Dimirti Lev Leonine (Leo for short)
Characteristics: Leo is a basic male antro white lion. Roughly 6'0" 285 lbs with a mostly black mane and green eyes. Being a greymuzzle Leo has some very small white/grey streaks mostly near the ears (for more detailed pictures). Leo's mane is trimmed down around his sides of his face so that only a tuft on the chin remains giving the apperance of a goatee. His build is best described as being similar to a linebacker in football (a bit overweight, but athletic with broad shoulders and a large body frame)

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