February 15th, 2021

My tweets

  • Sun, 20:34: RT @BillyGraham: "True love is an act of the will—a conscious decision to do what is best for the other person instead of ourselves." #Bill
  • Sun, 21:16: I mentioned I was not really interested in participating in elections anymore...but with this, I *WILL* show up for a primary attempt against #RichardBurr!! https://t.co/xTiCYy8TGG
  • Mon, 07:02: RT @NCFfurs: The God of the universe sent His son to die for you and reconcile yourself to Him. This is the greatest act of love for you, b…
  • Mon, 07:08: RT @feeonline: This Presidents' Day, let's not put anybody on a pedestal they don’t deserve or give credence to the worship of politics. ht…
  • Mon, 08:05: It's almost time....for @LearnedLeague ...and I never feel like I've studied enough in the offseason!! https://t.co/AsvQQLcbsL