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user name meme...
Rules: Post the explanation of where your username(s) came from. Then tag TEN users whose explanations you'd like to hear. If you are tagged, then post the explanation to your page.

Pronunciation:D L Leo - nine

Extended Titles and Tags: Dimitri Lev Leonine

Further Explanation: My fascination with big cats is life long as well as my passion for animation. In my early childhood, I recall having recurring dreams of being chased by a lion. In high school I trained myself to lucid dream and was eventually able to confront, and to my surprise, befriend the lion. From that point on, whenever he would appear to me, he would always be by my side and not chasing me.

As with many other lions in the fandom, my own fursona really began to take shape with the release of The Lion King. In the mid/late 90's my alias playing lazer tag began as Scar. As my desire to have an independent fursona grew (I knew nothing of the fandom during all this). It was then that I changed my alias to leonine borrowing the word from the Elton John version of Just Can't Wait to be King. On all the forums and game sites I was a member of I was always known as Leo for short and that stuck very well. As I discovered the fandom and went into the final details of character creation, I decided that just Leo is way too generic for a lion. I felt that Leonine would fit for a great last name and I was only left with the remainder of the name. I wanted Leo to have Russian lineage for some unknown reason and decided on Dimitri Lev for the remainder of the name. (Lev being the Russian word for lion).

Finally, I decided on a white lion simply because I like the coloring better and they are somewhat rare. I'd hoped their rareness in the fandom would mirror real life and that does seem to be the case.

Synonyms: Leo, D.L.

Tagging: I tag EVERYONE! Well....OK, everyone willing to do this....

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Amazing Adrian

Explanation:AA is a self-insert character I made way back in Elementary school in a rainy day experiment to make comic books with my friends. I designed him to be an underpowered superhero, since he was the leader of the team and I didn't want my friends to get upset that I was putting "myself" in a position of power in the comics that I was authoring.

Throughout the years, I would revisit the story, and the character grew and evolved, becoming my personal avatar and actually developing into something very different from the psuedo-sue character he started as. Now that I'm in college, I have entire comic lines all plotted out in my head, as well as dozens and dozens of original characters made for the comics and those made solely for roleplay as well. I occasionally fancy putting it up as a webcomic or a professional publication, but I realize this will probably never happen or gain any sort of popularity. I don't care though, it's been fun. That's him in my icon.

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